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For the last day of my Christmas vacation, my family decided to go out of town. I’m telling you, we hardly do this. We usually just go to the mall or someplace near. Now that this opportunity has presented itself, I took pictures of anything that I find interesting/pretty/beautiful.  I experimented a LOT on the different settings of the camera. It’s really hard to get the results that I want to see.
I will miss the Christmas decorations.
Deja vu
Suddenly, my picture HAHA
I like flowers, even fake ones.
It's fun making the floating candles float. My mom had a hard time doing it. HAHA
My parents love visiting churches.
What my mom and grandma were wearing. I am always attracted to colorful things.
Lovely flowers
Mangoes sold outside the church
My weakness - dogs!
(Top: Forever 21 | Shorts: DIY | Shoes: Ebay)
The outfit shot

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