Song of the day: How To Love by Lil Wayne

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I think this is his best song so far. Happy birthday, Lil Wayne! :)



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After shooting for a music video (I know it sounds BIG but it's just for a project in class), my family and I decided to eat at Mushroomburger in Katipunan. I can't remember the last time I ate at that place. 

I wanted to sit there but all the seats were taken :(


Camera Test, Camera Test (to the tune of mic test, mic test)

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The day we bought the camera
Family Day Sunday at Kenny's
Flowers in the garden
Two of my closest college friends
Toki jeep
Around Melchor Hall
'Cause I'm a bad ass like that
My third home - UP Eng'g Soc's tambayan
Stalker pic (LOL)
Poor dog :(
Yes, I like making that face

I must admit, I haven't explored the full potential of the camera yet but I'm willing to learn. Care to teach me? :)


Song of the day: Barbie Girl by Aqua

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Lene is the Katy Perry of the 90's


UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2011 - UP Pep Squad

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I've been watching this over and over again. It never gets old. I'm wow-ed every single time!

Iska and Proud <3