High School Friends Are Friends Forever

2:45 AM Maricor Divinagracia 0 Comments

I just read that somewhere. HAHA. Yesterday, I was able to catch up with my high school barkada. It was actually the birthday of my bestfriend, Ches. I missed them so much! Most of us study at the same university but barely see each other (UP is one large place). Well, seeing them made it feel like... high school again.
 Yummy food
 My lovely friends 
 The ever gorgeous bday girl 
SUPER cute!! I wanted to bring this home. HAHA. That's Ches' new toy. :)


Cute Slingky
I love animals esp. dogs but I get scared of them when they bark at me. HAHA.

Your bestfriends in high school will always be your bestfriends. Err. I hope that made sense. ;)

On another note, there are no outfit shots for this blog post. I was too busy chatting with them, I forgot to have my picture taken. 

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